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How does Babysitter24 work?

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Large number of babysitters, nannies and childminders all over Austria.

You will receive suitable applications within a few hours.

Loving childcare for every budget

With us, you will find babysitters, nannies and childminders that fit your family and your budget.

What does a babysitter, nanny, or a daycare mother cost?
Transparent and reliable

For a small one-off fee (no subscription), you get access to detailed babysitter profiles with photos, references and reviews from other parents.

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How does Babysitter24 work?

What does a babysitter, nanny, or a daycare mother cost?

Babysitter, nanny, or daycare mother - what is the difference?

What makes Babysitter24 special?

How do we ensure safety on Babysitter24?

Safe and trustworthy

We want families, babysitters, nannies and childminders to feel comfortable with Babysitter24. That's why we check every new profile and our reliable customer service is always available for you.

Detailed babysitter profiles with photo, references and CV.

We have been connecting families with babysitters, nannies and childminders since 2010.

Secure messaging function for the first contact within the platform.

Detailed babysitter reviews from other parents.

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On Babysitter24 we help you find a reliable babysitter, a loving nanny, or a trustworthy childminder in your area. Babysitter24 is basically a kind of contact database. Childminders are neither employed by us nor do they have to pay a commission to us.

This is the quickest way to find suitable babysitters, nannies, or childminders on Babysitter24:

  1. Create a free job offer and describe as precisely as possible what you are looking for.
  2. Once your job offer is active, you will usually receive applications for it within minutes.
  3. If you like, you can actively search for suitable profiles simultaneously.
  4. As a premium member, you can contact interesting profiles and reply to applications.
  5. You can arrange an initial interview and a trial placement if you would like to get to know a suitable candidate.
  6. If you are convinced after the meeting, discuss the conditions and the employment formalities together.

We are the original
As one of the largest platforms in Austria, we have been bringing families together with babysitters, nannies, and childminders for many years.

Find babysitters, nannies, and childminders easily and safely
With many years of experience, we have designed our platform to be as simple and secure as possible so that families can find loving and reliable childcare with us. We use various methods to ensure security on Babysitter24, including manually checking every new profile.

You decide who will look after your children
With us, you decide who you hire for looking after your children. Because you know best, who suits your family.

100% of your wage payments go to the childcare provider
You pay your wages directly to the babysitter, nanny, or childminder. Since we do not charge a commission, they receive 100% of their wages.

You can rely on us to be there for you
Our customer service replies reliably - usually within two working days - and helps you with all your questions.

Babysitters are often adolescents who seek to earn some extra money by looking after children in the families' homes when needed. They usually work on a pocket money basis. Nannies also work at families' homes, but are employed by the family and also help out around the house. Childminders or daycare families are generally self-employed and look after multiple children from different families in their homes.

Babysitters, nannies, and childminders set their own hourly wages on Babysitter24. These are determined by their qualifications and experience. The person's hourly wage can be found in the respective profile. If you like to have a general estimate, you can use the search tool on Babysitter24 to compare the hourly wages in your area. However, there are some aspects that should be considered when comparing hourly wages. These include, for example, their age and the income level.

At Babysitter24 we are continuously working on the security of our platform. For example, we always manually check new profiles. Our babysitters, nannies, and childminders introduce themselves in detailed profiles with a photo. In addition, they can have their profile verified free of charge by providing an identity document. Furthermore, our customer service is reliably there for you.

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We have been helping families in Austria find loving childcare since 2010.

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Thousands of childcare jobs placed since 2010.
Our babysitters, nannies and childminders have an average rating of 4.8 stars.
We also successfully bring together households with housekeepers, pet sitters and tutors on our other platforms.
Fair wages for childminders without agency commissions.
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