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Qualified English teacher (native-like fluency) looking for childminding/babysitting jobs

83103 Bratislava Babysitter, Childminder and Nanny
Hi! A qualified English/Special Needs teacher and mum of 2 looking for a childminding/babysitting/English (literacy, numeracy) tutoring/intervention job near the Austrian-Slovakian-Hungarian border. I'm fairly flexible but would prefer a […]

Suche einen Babysitter für 1 Kind in Hall in Tirol

6060 Hall in Tirol Babysitter
Hello We are looking for some occasianlly babysitting for our 3year old daughter. We speak english, but she goes to the kinderkrippe so she understand also german. Beacuse we are here alone, with no relatives, we are looking for some who is […]

Looking for fun-loving, responsible, experienced babysitter

1010 Wien Babysitter and Nanny
We have two young boys ages 5 and 3 yrs old. We're looking for support with our late afternoon/early evening routine as well as exposure to the German language for a minimum of three (3) days per week. Babysitter would pickup boys from […]


1080 Wien Babysitter
Babysitting nachmittags und manchmal Abends.

Gelegentliches Babysitting für unseren Sohn

6334 Schwoich Babysitter
Hallo, unser kleiner Sohn ist mittlerweile 7 Monate alt und wir suchen eine Babysitterin für einzelnes gelegentliches Babysitting am Abend - hauptsächlich unter der Woche (ca. 2-3 Stunden, 1mal im Monat). Viele Grüße Astrid und Mario

Gelegentliches zuverlässiges Babysitting am Abend gesucht

1190 Wien Babysitter
Gelegentliches zuverlässiges Babysitting am Abend gesucht - Wien 19. Bezirk, Sievering - Kinder (6J. / 5J.) sind dreisprachig ENG + DEU + POL, deshalb wäre es ein Plus, 2 oder sogar 3 dieser Sprachen zu beherrschen oder zumindest zu verstehen; […]

Short-term babysitting 3/17-3/22

6365 Kirchberg in Tirol Babysitter
I will be attend a conference at Hotel Sonnalp and could use babysitting services for 8-months old on some days between 3/17 to 3/22 during afternoons or evenings. Any two of: 3/17 - 1200 to 1730 3/18 - 1200 to 1730 3/19 - 1200 to 1730 […]

5 days babysitting Berwang

6149 Junglinster Babysitter and Nanny
Babysitting of 2 yo boy during a day- 9-16.00 between 18-22/2/2019. - Barwang

Babysitting am 27.12.

6380 St. Johann Babysitter
Babysitting am Abend 27.12., die Kinder schlafen wahrscheinlich schon. Persönliches Kennenlernen vorher gewünscht.

28.12.2018 evening&night babysitting

1010 Wien Babysitter and Nanny
Hello, We are staying in Vienna 28th/12/18 and will be needing babysitting for that evening from 18:00 until 3:00 am. Our child is a 4 year old boy, very well behaved and a speaker of English, Estonian and Finnish. Our family will be staying in […]

babysitting 24hours

1000 Skopje Babysitter
I'm a young person, but I have experience with babysitting children's and old people, I can work for 24hours and stay as long as you want.

Looking for occasional flexible babysitter

1110 Wien Babysitter
We are looking for babysitter speaking native German (so that our 3 year old daughter can learn) and English. We seek trustworthy person with experience for babysitting at our home (close to Gasometer) or kindergarten pickup. We may also need […]

Babysitter on call

2601 Eggendorf Babysitter
Babysitting service if the child is sick. So we need an on call nanny or babysitting service.


8670 Krieglach Babysitter
- Babysitting bei uns - Sowohl stunden- als auch tageweise

International family looking for tagesmutter (and babysitting?) for 2 year old near Unterach

4866 Unterach Babysitter, Childminder and Nanny
We are looking for a tagesmutter in or near Unterach to look after our charming 2 year old boy. Important for us is that he can play and be with other children, and that he can be exposed to German.


1190 Wien Babysitter
suche liebe und nette französischssprechende (idealerweise Muttersprache) Betreuerin, die meinen Sohn (7) einmal in der Woche von der Schule abholt und danach Gesellschaft leistet.

Suche Betreuung für 1 Kind in Leonding

4060 Leonding Babysitter and Childminder
Ich bin auf der Suche nach einer liebevollen Kinderbetreuung (Babysitting oder Tageseltern) fuer meine Tochter, 2 Jahre, in Leonding oder Linz fuer ca. 6-9 Stunden pro Woche (regelmaessig). Bezahlung ueber Dienstleistungscheck. Ich freue mich […]

We are looking for a humorous, reliable and experienced nanny for our little son!

1190 Wien Nanny
We are looking for a humorous, reliable and experienced nanny for our little son who is willing to work ca. 25 hours/week: Your tasks: - Taking care of our son, playing with him, having fun and do all the things little boys love to do (current […]

Looking for English Speaking Babysitter/Nanny

1220 Wien Babysitter and Nanny
We are looking for an English native speaker to help out with our two children (6 and 10 years old). Tasks include getting them from school, taking them to piano or sports lessons, playing with them, sometimes preparing an meal (pasta ...). Our […]

Looking for a babysitter for 1 child in Wien

1030 Wien Babysitter
We are looking for occasional babysitting. Late afternoon or sometimes picking up baby from kindergarten.