What does a babysitter, nanny, or a daycare mother cost?

The costs for childcare depend on various factors. Read here which they are and what expenses you can expect.

How much is the hourly wage?

There are some points to be considered: Note that the hourly wage can be negotiated. Besides, it varies depending on the region, qualification, and experience of the caregiver.



Babysitters at Babysitter24 charge hourly wages between €10 and €18. Find here two examples of the possible overall costs for you:

Example 1

A 15-year-old babysitter looks after a child for two hours at your home, and you pay him a flat rate for the commute: 2x €14 hourly wage + €5 commute flat rate = €33 total cost.

Example 2

An experienced 19-year-old babysitter looks after two children at your home for three hours, plus you pay them the tickets for public transport: 3x €16 hourly wage + €4.80 public transport tickets = €52.80 total cost.

If the total annual earnings do not exceed the marginal earnings limit, you can employ babysitters on a small scale through the service voucher (Dienstleistungsscheck, DLS).

The advantage: With the DLS, your caregiver is covered by the accident insurance from the first day of work. As an employer, you are obliged to report the minor employment also to the respective health insurance provider.


If you require childcare that exceeds minor employment, you can hire a nanny and draw up an employment contract.

Nannies or employed babysitters charge between €10 and €20 per hour at Babysitter24.


If your nanny charges €12 per hour and is working at your home for 5 hours per day, you pay her a total of €60 per day. For a 5-day week, this would be €300 per week or approx. €1,200 per month.

When employing your nanny, you have to add approx. 21% of the gross salary for social security. This amounts to a total payment of approximately €1,452 per month.

Daycare mother

Depending on their experience, daycare mothers at Babysitter24 charge between €10 and €20.


You entrust your child to a daycare mother for 6 hours a day, who charges €15 per hour. This means you pay €90 per day. For 5 days, this comes to a total of €450 or about €1,800 per month.

If your nanny is self-employed, there are no additional expenses. However, when you hire a daycare mother, social security costs will be added, as with an employed nanny.

It is best to include all important agreements in a childcare contract when employing a daycare mother.

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