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My name is Ivy.
I am a 30 years old.
I am currently living here in Austria, District 21 with my aunt. My previous job was an English Language Consultant for Koreans and Chinese kids. I am happy, friendly, helpful and patient specially when it comes to children. I really love kids that’s why I am so attached with my only niece in the Philippines and have an experience taking care of children when I was in Dubai, UAE. Also, I used to teach English for Korean and Chinese students for 5 years as a private tutor and as an Academy teacher. I can cook and I have no problem doing some little help like tidying toys and have the kid/s eat their breakfast or dinner.

I come from a family of 6: My parents, Alona and Julian are both working. My dad, 51 years old is a Seaman works for a tanker ship, and my Mom, 50 years of age is working in a Manpower Agency in the Philippines as a Sulervisor. I have 2 sisters. Both are Female. I am the eldest among my 2 siblings, One is 29 years old and is already married with one child. And my youngest sister is 20 years old who will now turn in to college this school year.

When it comes to child care experience, I have looked after children in both formal and informal contexts. Two years ago, as part of my responsibilities and duties in Church, I spent a six month teaching and helping out of school youth who happen to be unfortunate to finish their studies because of financial matters.

I would be happy to have the opportunity to speak with you: to answer whatever questions you may have about me or my childcare experiences; to learn more about your family; your interests and to know more about what you expect.
Thank you very much!
I look forward to meet you. Take care and Godbless!


I do have a First Aid short course training here in Vienna last July 2016 for babies and child care.

Yours Sincerely,

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