4020 Linz

Angaben zur angebotenen Betreuung

Art der Betreuung
Babysitter, Nanny und Tagesmutter
Erfahrung mit
  • Kleinkind (1-3 Jahre)
  • Vorschulkind (4-6 Jahre)
  • Schulkind (6 Jahre und älter)
Maximal mögliche Anzahl Kinder
Zusätzliche Dienstleistungen
  • Kochen und Essenszubereitung
  • Hilfe im Haushalt

Persönliche Beschreibung

Hello my name is Isabela, I am from Brazil and currently I live in Linz Upper Áustria.
I’m very organized, I love to paint (not professionally), ride bikes, also like in line skates and I’m a great storyteller.
I’m a psychologist but right now I’m in the process of getting my diploma certification, so I’m looking for baby sitting jobs in between.
I’ve already been an au pair for a year in Boston -MA, and I had other jobs with kids such as inside classrooms as a teacher assistant, and during my college as a tutor.
I also have experience with autism, and some other disabilities such as Down Syndrome and ADHD.
It would be very nice to talk to you and take care of your kids. Thank you and see you soon!

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