1120 Wien

Angaben zur angebotenen Betreuung

Art der Betreuung
Babysitter, Tagesmutter und Nanny
Maximal mögliche Anzahl Kinder
Aus welcher Altersgruppe?
bis 2 Jahre, 3 - 5 Jahre, 6 - 9 Jahre und über 9 Jahre

Persönliche Beschreibung

My name is David; I’m an 18 year old high school student, graduating in the department of Building Technology in 2021.
Since birth, my Canadian father has spoken to me only in English. Also, every summer I visit my two older half-sisters who live in Toronto. This background gave me a native Canadian accent, of which I’m very proud.
Now, what brings me to this application?
I simply love spending time with younger kids. Both of my sisters already have 2 kids each. Their ages vary from 2-11. During my summer visits in Toronto I spend a lot of time with them. The challenge always is to keep them away from electronic media.
When being with young kids it is important to try to find out about the child’s interests and to explore these with them together. I think that’s the most important part about babysitting. Also important is to suggest activities that I can do together with the kids. From my previous experiences with young children, I learned to be patient and always listen out what they have to say.
What you can expect from me is that I will always come prepared with some cool unique activities your child will enjoy for the duration of my stay. Important for me is that your kid will see me as a ‘friend’ that’s always excited to come by for a few hours.
One of my personal hobbies is cooking. Knowing that children are picky eaters, I always try to make them contribute to the cooking process as that gives a rewarding feeling when the meals are ready. I also really enjoy drawing comics or portraying things around me. If your child decides to join me in on those activities I will do my best to make it as enjoyable as possible for them.
I’m more than happy to be there for your child. I would love to keep on writing but unfortunately by character limit is about to end… I’d love to meet you in person and we could have a chat and get to know each other better. :)

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