1020 Wien

Angaben zur angebotenen Betreuung

Art der Betreuung
Babysitter und Nanny
Maximal mögliche Anzahl Kinder
Aus welcher Altersgruppe?
bis 2 Jahre, 3 - 5 Jahre, 6 - 9 Jahre und über 9 Jahre

Persönliche Beschreibung


In addition to my Curriculum Vitae, I would like to attach this motivation letter and introduce myself and list experiences of working with children. I am Iana, originally from Moldova, but have already been living in the UK (England) for almost five years. I have finished high school in England and currently enrolled at the University of Sheffield. I am in Vienna for an exchange year, and as I will be here for a long time, I would like to get a part time job, and I believe that babysitting would be a great option, as I really enjoy spending time with children and look after them, and also because I can speak English and I use it as my first language, I believe I could help someone to improve their English speaking skills.
As I have a younger sibling, I have experience of looking after a child respectively. However, this is not the only experience of working with children that I have- I have also looked after a family’s friend 3 years old son over the summer 2017 as his parents were at work, where I was fully speaking in English. Furthermore, as mentioned in my CV, I have tutored a 16 years old girl Maths during my time in high school, and also, I have volunteered to look after international children whilst their parents were at university. This has been challenging as the children didn’t speak much English and I had to come up with creative ideas in order to understand each other and keep them busy whilst their parents were not there. These experiences have taught me to be patient and also proactive as children always require to be busy with something in order to keep them happy.
I am looking forward to hear from you and hopefully I can be a good candidate for looking after your child/children. :)
Many thanks and best wishes,

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